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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Kahi Andhera To Kahi! Shaam Hogi....

Love Shayri
Kahi! Andhera To Kahi! Shaam Hogi!
Meri! Har Khusi! Tere Naam Hogi!
Kuch Maang Ke To Dekh Humse
Honto Pe Hasi! Or Hathel! Pe Jaan Hogi!...

Dil se....

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Meri khani h ya fsana h.....

True Lines
Meri khani h ya fsana h
lgta h jindgi me meri
dur tlak virana h
ye dil mera jiska diwana h
usne bhi mujhe nhi phchana h

gero se ummid kru kya
mujko to apno ne
bhi keha apna mana h

hr roj niklta h din yu hi mera
gumo se bhra
jane q damn in gmo ne
hi mera thama h

ye shma-a-jindgani jane q
khfa h yu mujh se
k khusiyo se
khali mera aasiyana h

Dil se...

Hey Friends, Please Write for us your Heart Touching Lines here or in comments:-

Sunday, 1 January 2012

How to Get Your Girlfriend Back?

Get Your Girlfriend Back

You've been apologizes for it since the day you let her go. And you can't sleep another day devoid of doing a bit about it. If you truly love her, do not sacrifice. Get on your feet and triumph your girlfriend back.

To begin you off the right path, here are a few points and tips to remain in mind:-

Give her freedom after the break-up. The harder you drive, the more she might pull away. If she speaks she requires a few time, value her decision. Do not call her each time of the day. Last thing you desire is to irritate her with your over-persistence, and worse, drive her into a routine of hiding from you.

Do not beg or plead. This tends to scream worry. Even if you are in fact frantic to win her back, do not turn clingy.

You can invite her all over again with flowers, chocolates and letters. But even as the gifts are vault to draw a smile, getting her back will need a more personal and sincere motion.

Show her that you are admirable of a second chance. Utilize the time you have spent apart since the break-up to imitate.

Think back on the behaviors that concerned her to you in the first place. Play up your potency. Become the man she first fell for.

Discover what accurately went mistaken with your relationship. Replay in your head the discussion, and even fights, you had.

From there, you'll identify what requires to be fixed. If it was a bit you did, ask yourself why you did it in the first place. This manner, you are clear on which issues you require to come to terms with. If it was a difficulty with your performance, then work on your weak spots.

After you have made the required "fixes", assemble to meet or talk with her. You can ensure with her friends if they think she's ready to hear you out. Be patient.

When she does concur to a discussion, humbly apologize for your wrongdoings and take accountability for your actions. "Sorry" goes a long way.

But do not stop at regret. Induce her that your relationship justifies a do-over. Pledge her that you will be a much superior partner this time around. Decant your heart out.

Get Your Girlfriend Back
Do not, however, vigor the compromise. Show her how much you desire to be with her. Let the lot else fall into place.

Also, do not force her into deciding on your future at once. Let her identify of your intentions and your feelings, but pledge her that you will totally respect her choice.

Keep in mind that there’s no necessitate to focus all your energies on this quest. Have a few times to yourself as well. Do what builds you feel good, may it be a new diet, a new hobby or a new glance. Who knows, this might even win you extra points with her.

The efficient "rules of engagement" will vary with each guy and every affiliation. Use the tips listed above as a lead to intrigues your plan of action. Just keep in mind that sincerity and determination are key. And of course, being grown-up, dependable, polite and thoughtful always comes handy. Good luck!

How to Get Your Boyfriend Back?

Get Your Boyfriend Back
Do you still discover manually subconsciously picking up all the pieces of devastated memories and pulling during all the strings that could link you back with him?

Whatever broken our appreciated relationships, lots of us, women, remain imprisoned in the past that we want to blow life to all the images that are alternating in our heads and turn them into authenticity.

Whatsoever our purpose are in disarming our men back, we can forever resolve to live our lives in ways that will mutually favor our triumph in deliberately getting our men back and our accomplishment in purposely improving ourselves that may inadvertently lead them back to us.

Now let's get rolling...

1. One can have a concrete kick off by having an apparent and resolute choice of loving oneself first.

Men are usually conscious that only when one is competent of loving herself enough, that she is capable to love others well.

A woman who ethics and respects oneself will not permit herself to fall into bad behavior that might have an effect on the relationship. She will entrust herself to incessant growth - discovering what she can do and how she can do those preeminent - for her to have a good self-image, preventing her to feel unconfident and envious.

A woman who loves herself is obviously caring, sympathetic, concerned, and supportive because she identifies what love truly is and how it is to be loved.

2. Appropriately send your man signals that you have already entirely established the breakup even though the reality is otherwise.

Making your man consider that you have already moved on typically hits his ego and stirs him to think whether he is your defeat or you are his defeat. Viewing no worry in winning him back equally makes him desperate to come back to show his worth.

Also, older men no longer discover women who are jealous and compulsive cute and lovable. Mature men value women who can be their partner slightly than their pet.

3. It pays to forever seem your best - internally and externally. Maintaining inner and outer beauty will, in no way, coerce your man away.

Take benefit of how well you know him. Pretend a dress that has the color and style he likes; style your hair in ways he discovers sexy; and utilize the perfume you were using to sweep him back to the times when you were still as one.

Having a girlfriend with a fine heart and a cautious mind is nothing but award for most men.

Any ex-boyfriend couldn't assist but snivel on the view of a gorgeous woman with a golden heart being accepted and appreciated by other men.

Get Your Boyfriend Back
4. Preserve warm associations with your man’s friends and family members.

Being warm with his crowd frequently results to admiring award-winning advertisement on how good you are as a friend and a family part.

Being pleasant with his faction shows how embassy you are in dealing with issues. He may also distinguish you as a good partner in both good and not-so-good times.

5. Constantly be yourself.
Being the woman that you in fact are can help revive old flame. Who you truly are was the reason why he became fascinated to you. Maybe it's the great time to seem at yourself and retrospect. Have you altered a lot? Are the changes due to enhancement or of worsening?

Even as doing all these, you are also serving yourself become the valued woman you require to be whether he comes back to your or not. If he comes back, it means you are in fact wired and destined for each other. If he doesn't, then rejoice because you have already ongoing dispersal your wings and are now more ready to take off and soar to the vast heavens of potential and opportunities for intensification and successes.

How to Prevent Bad Relationships

Prevent Bad Relationships
Nobody desires to be part of a detrimental relationship. The bad news is that it occurs - several good relationships go south, several people appear to move from one hurtful relationship to another.
The excellent news is there are ways to evade falling into the common traps that burden, threaten and eventually shatter relationships.

Be on the guard 
Stride with caution. Seem back on your prior relationships and what made them disintegrate. Make an aware attempt to find out from your past mistakes.

As well be cautious for red flags – any sign that something is not quite right. Be mainly wary of signs of abuse, violence or handling.

Enhanced yet, come up your own relationship pact breakers. Reflect of the traits or habits that, by your individual standards, are intolerable in a partner. And when one of the invariable on your list becomes evident, take it as your cue to bow out of the relationship.

Bad Relationships
Be your own person 

Do not mislay yourself in a relationship. Several couples tend to reflect only in terms of "we" and forget "I". Relationships should be fastening on the idea of two persons functioning as a team. That means every individual member ought to have a voice, get a say in making verdict. Mutual respect needs to exist. So forever emphasize yourself.
Set-ups where one is obedient and the other domineering are leap to fail. Control frequently translates to abuse. And someone will finish up feeling powerless, dismissed or terribly reliant.

Talk it out 

Keep the lines of message open. Converse continuously. Discuss even the negligible of issues, so you can pinch them in the bud.
If you can sense that a bit is consumption into the relationship, carve up your sentiments with your partner. Letting him or her know how you experience could help identify the problem.
For solemn troubles, it's superlative to have your talk when both parties are peaceful and amenable. Discussing matters when tempers are successively high will do more damage than good.
Through the conversations, be sincere, clear and open. Listen to each other out and find a middle position. You do not have to be on the same side. Agreeing to disagree is a form of concession in itself.

Enjoy the company 

Couples should be capable to have a superior time together, may it be enjoyable and wild, or soothing and calming. If boredom appears to strike more often than common or the chemistry is fading, this may be a sign that something is amiss. Discover a way to recognize and address the situation.

Work it out 

Every relationship hits a snag. But not all endure.
If you discover yourselves in a rough patch, do not renounce. If the relationship is merit saving, fight for it. Resolve your matter.
But if the bad undeniably outweighs the good, then the relationship is detrimental. There's no necessitate to stick it out any longer.
There are no rigid rules to avoiding bad relationships. But it forever helps to be attentive. Be on bewaring for any red flags. Ensure there is mutual respect and trust. Communicate on a regular basis, clearly and truthfully.
Identify when to let go and when course-correcting is an option.

Love Tips with Roses

Love Tips with Roses
Rose petals augment the romance of any close condition. This classic dreamy gesture is a simple, but memorable one.

  • You can set a few rose petals in every champagne glass, and utilize the rose petals to adorn cakes and love-desserts.
  • Line a fragile trail of rose petals along the bed and put one lovable love letter atop a mound of the magnificent petals.
  • You may place rose petals in briefcases, purses, or in a book your love is reading.
  • You can utilize rose petals in the bathtub, or in a bowl of water.
  • You can present your love with a attractive bouquet of roses and in the bouquet place one rose maxim "I love you".
  • You can create a track of roses or rose petals leading to the bedroom door or to the dinning room for a dreamy dinner.
  •  Mark out a message or a sign through rose petals.
  • You may as well try enrichment the mood by adjacent your lover with rose petals even as he or she is resting.
  • Place rose petals within balloons and beautify the bedroom with those attractive balloons!
  • Get a heart-shaped balloon, a little wet the inside of the balloon, place petals within and the petals will stick to the sides – it seems romantic and implausibly beautiful!
  • You may put rose petals in a gift pack!
  • Disperse rose petals on all over bed.
Love Tips
  • Place a few nice rose petals all over her/his car!
  • When you lift your partner have a single rose waiting on the traveler seat for him/her. He/she will be pleasingly amazed but the real surprise is thus far to come… Have two dozen roses waiting at home.
  • Write a love letter to your partner and place it into an beautiful glass bottle. Fill the tub and bouquet it with your beloved aromatic bath oil(s). Spread in a few rose petals and place the bottle in the tub. Let your partner find out it for themselves while they get into the tub.
  • Purchase some diverse colored artificial roses. On each rose inscribe what every color signifies. These roses will last eternally and your partner when they seem at them will always be enjoyably reminded of the first time they receive them.
  • Present your partner with 10 red roses and 2 white roses. Inscribe in the card incredible along the lines of "You will never be alone"
  • Scuttle a warm bath for your love, entire with dreamy music and candles. Come to an end the setting by sprinkling attractive rose petals in the bathtub. They will be tenderly floating on top when your love steps in to luxuriate.
  • A short while prior to you know that your sweetheart will climb into bed, get a few handfuls of silky petals, pull reverse the sheets and toss them generously into the bed. Place the covers back, assembly the bed up to seem as usual. What a lovable surprise when your sweetheart pulls the covers back to slide into bed!
  • Put a dozen rose petals on the pull shade in your love’s car. When they heave the shade down to defend themselves from the sun or enclosure an item kept there, they will be showered with the yielding, silky petals.
  • The next time you offer your darling a massage, append rose petals for a comfy, aromatic ambiance. Depending on the surface, you can place bunches of petals in shallow bowls or baskets just about the massage area, or just spread them all over the surface.
  • Two weeks prior to valentine's day, send your partner a rose for daily leading up to the big day.

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